I'm so tired of getting "No's" | When will I get a Yes from a company that I really wanna work for?

It feels like you're in the Lord of the Rings. Like some invisible job gatekeeper just won't let you in.

Trust me I feel the same way even right now.

You may be like me, interviewed for a job that really looks so prospective and the thought of it just brightens your day. The hope, the belief....life start to make a bit more sense..

Well today I'm on my "gazillion-th" no (and counting) and I just decided to write this for everyone else who may be going through what I am. When the doubt starts creeping in, energy wanes, food becomes a little less tasty....you get the point.

So here's my latest story;

I was interviewing with an exciting startup based out of Germany and I really felt I connected with the hiring managers. I loved their product and really even thought about the possible use cases, the hard work, the good work that awaits (Yeah...I definitely sound like Kamala Harris).

The process was flowing so well up until today when, poof! They dropped the dreaded news.

Even with thick skin after being in the game for years, it still stings.

But let's look on the bright side for a moment, the rejections that you and I get perhaps are for our best interest. I know this may sound like some very basic advice but perhaps, what you and I thought we were a good fit for, just wasn't the case.

Hiring is pretty opaque and as applicants, we can never know what goes on behind the scenes. No matter how qualified you are, there's always someone else who's more qualified. Maybe during the interview, you came out as assertive and the role requires someone gentle. Maybe you're great working with small budgets and delivering with speed yet the role needs someone who has experience with long, bureaucratic processes in enterprise. Sometimes, it's all about personality, sometimes it's all about qualifications. You can never really know.

Hiring is just simple arithmetic though, employers get more qualified candidates they can hire so really, a rejection is no way a measure of your worth...and it never should be. You are qualified for every job you take the time to apply to and out there, there's a company that needs you and they're looking for you.

So....it's up to you and me to keep going, to keep pushing. Push through the no's that seem to outnumber the rocks in the soil until you get your yes. I pray that the yes you get, makes it all worth the wait.

It may take a day, it may take a year, just keep going. I'm definitely going to keep going (after I mope for a few hours)

At the end of the day, you wanna be like Mike. I wanna be like Mike.

The G.O.A.T in winning!


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