How to handle job rejections and the best job rejection email I’ve ever received

You’ve been rejected before. Probably like me, by some divine lady that was created, not made. One who when she says hi to you, words cease to exist and you spew some stupid words in a language that only God knows. Trust me I’ve been there before. Per experience, this rejection can be in two forms;

  1. Outright and clear as day i.e. ”I’d never be with you even if you were the last guy on earth.”

  2. Gentle and more humane i.e. “Sorry. I have a boyfriend.” (Sometimes true but most times it’s a way to get your dumb ass out of her face.

It doesn’t matter which of the two you’ve experienced. A rejection is a rejection. As humans, a NO hurts more than a YES makes you happy. It’s just how we’re wired. (I hope this sentence makes sense)

In the career world, 99.9% of the NO’s come in the first flavor. Just straight up and cold. Like you’re just a piece of meat that a butcher throws out if it doesn’t meet the quality. Sometimes, hiring companies can take it a notch higher and at least try to show how “regretful” they are in not picking you but we can all read in between the lines that it’s just an automated email sent out to all of us who don’t meet the selection criteria.

So what do 99.9% of us do when we get these rejection emails? Straight to the bin.

“I didn’t even want to work in your company anyway!”

Recently I got a rejection email that qualifies as one that’s in the 0.1% of gentle, humane and more thoughtful of no’s. I read it and it put a smile on my face yet here I was being told NO. If all the NO’s i got trying to hook up with a girl were like this, I’d probably want the NO’s more than the YES’s.

So if you know me, you know I like trying stuff out. I decided to expand my horizons earlier in 2020 as an experiment to see whether I could get a full time remote job whilst based in Kenya. My preference - jobs in the U.S because I’d like to grow in term of experience and as they say, "secure the bag" 💰. Time to upgrade! Seriously though, I decided to be part of the story rather than read about it on TechCrunch. Now that would be awesome to have such an experience being part of a remote-first culture and the diversity would be quite awesome

So I hopped on and searched for customer success roles since that’s my specialty. A couple of days of checking and re-checking. I saw an opening at Buffer for a Customer Advocate role. Sweet! I knew all about Buffer way back when I was into the startup culture in 2015. So I literally saw this company grow but somewhere along the way, lost interest in chasing shiny new things and stopped following some of these brands. Here's a quick video about Buffer.

The application process was so unique I must say. Not the regular, share your resume kinda stuff but the good folks over at Buffer decided to design and create such a fresh and different experience by asking personal questions and technical questions in such a cool way that it almost feels like you’re having a conversation with someone in an interview.

I filled out the application, attached my resume and voila! Done in about 15 - 20 minutes.

On the 4th of December, 2020. I got this wonderful email from Keisha, the onboarding specialist. Take a look.

P.S Blurred out some sensitive information just for privacy purposes. You know...the works.

You’ve read that and I’d like you to imagine that it was sent to you. How does this make you feel?

If you’re like me. If I got more of these NO’s in any kind of setting, be it a job search, dating etc I’d look forward to them more often than not.

And that’s my little story for today.

Shout out to the Buffers of this world for being a different breed of company. That definitely made my day. I hope it made yours too.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story. My name is Stompy and I help young professionals find full-time remote work with any company in the world using the skills I’ve learnt. If you need some help in your next job search, please write to me at: and I’d be more than happy to walk the journey with you up until you get your dream job.

Till next time!

Stay safe.


Today is the 6th of January and since the 4th of December of 2020, I've gotten a few more rejections. The most recent one being on the 23rd of December with a feedback zoom call yesterday, the 5th of January.

The hiring manager, Nat, and the recruiter, Symone from where I had applied are absolutely stunning, stellar ladies who gave me an opportunity to experience a very enabling and robust recruitment process and were so professional and really encouraged me to check out and apply roles in the same company and do so directly! Now that's worth every ounce of effort!

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