Why are you earning less than your value?

If you have at least 5 years of experience and are not earning more than $3,ooo a month (net), we need to have a chat about the value you give and why you're not getting paid right.

Recently, I received an offer. Here's the package:

  1. EUR 40,000 annually +

  2. office stipend +

  3. full medical cover +

  4. monthly internet and phone allowance +

  5. flex hours +

  6. phantom stock (0.5% - 1%) - You can Google this if you don't know what it means.

  7. Oh by the way, all this whilst working remotely out of sunny Nairobi.

I'm 28. No wife, no kids, no major responsibilities. As many would say, "nime-" 👇🏽.

I'm not writing this braggadocio-sly. On the contrary. I'm just here to show you the possibilities that do exist outside of your geographical location because you may be smarter, more experienced, adaptable, hard working, helpful than I am but you haven't scratched the surface in terms of possibilities for yourself and your family financially, leave alone now when times are as tough as unleavened bread back when Christ was living.

I had a chat with two LinkedIn connections last week and I did what I do best. I helped them expand their scope outside of Kenyan, East African and African borders because the DEMAND is there. It exists. If it didn't why would I have any business getting interviews at 11:00pm at night San Fransisco Pacific Time?

I'm begging you to really think about this for yourself and to share widely with others. Why is it that folks are so content with just a salary and medical cover when there's more being offered for exceptional talent globally. It's even counter-intuitive of our culture in leadership. Don't we pay leaders allowances for homes, cars, school fees, groceries, fuel, phones. Heck even allowances for sitting! You honestly deserve the same too, right?

And I'm here to help. If this post struck a nerve, I meant it and I'm not sorry. You deserve better because you earned it. If you would love to learn how to go global, write to me here; and I would be more than happy to set the ball rolling for you in the right direction.

You don't have to hear it from me; ask him or her.

If you got challenged by this post, please share it with your family and friends. Help educate others who are either starting out or have somehow plateau-d in their career. Meanwhile, just coz 😂;

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