Hi there! I'm Stompy.

I try to write on this blog,
I'm currently authoring a book and;
I'm DevOps Engineer


This is me

I'm currently working in a hyper-growth tech startup based in San Fransisco. Our vision is to democratize code and help the world learn how to code. I'm part of the CSE team which is mostly DevOps related stuff and it's absolutely amazing! I work remotely, in a distributed team. That means I can work anywhere I want in the world! I've always cared about working for myself, but a few years ago I learned that you always will work for someone no matter what job you have. That led me to starting this blog, building apps and helping people get a little closer to their goals. This site chronicles my journey of failing and, all while teaching others what to avoid as they chase their dreams. I also teach the methods I used to land this remote job and now earn 8x my previous salary! In my current role, I am allowed to be myself (braids, tattoos, piercings), express myself through my style and still deliver, help cross functional teams close deals and help my customers. The freedom that remote work gives has changed my life. It can change yours too!

Remote/Distributed teams 

 Dev Ops 

Software    Investments 

Customer Engineering


I build products

I have always loved stunning design, from cars to software but recently found out that I love teaching. That led to the starting of this blog. I've built software products before, designed stunning websites and for 2021,

  • I'm currently writing a book chronicling my weird career journey as a black guy from Africa,

  • I'm helping folks learn how to apply and get remote jobs and work from wherever they live and;

  • Trying to visit as many places as I can as economies re-open.


This site is a sort of album of my personal life not only for myself, but for you to see the world through my lenses. I hope it'll encourage you to do something amazing!

Customers &
Previous Employers

As a full-time employee and an engineering consultant, I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing  companies. I've realised that most established corporate silos, suck at providing avenues to build personal relationships with customers. It's all about the transactions and I deeply felt that this approach was wrong. I prefer going the extra mile and help create more meaningful insight to innovate around a customer. My current remote role has propelled this thought forward and given me an opportunity to do just that and in the highest level